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Kayak fishing is fast becoming the first choice for many anglers of inland waterways and lakes though out Ohio. In 2008 there were over 80,000 canoes and kayaks registered with the Ohio Department of Natural Resources; that is a 34% increase from 2003.  In 2009 according to ODNR there was an increase of 20% in paddle craft registations nearly 90,000.

We are using the same five area layout for this website as used by state agencies, central, northwest, northeast, south east and northwest for ease of use and information. We have also included on each of the lakes area page a link to the district offices of each area. 

Our forum has been created for the use of the fishers of Ohio where they can share information about what area is good, what works in that area and general information about fishing in our state. It is also for those coming to our state to see what areas are available for fishing, the species there, and what baits are best to use. 

We have two types of fishers using kayaks, those who spin cast and those who are fly fishers; both have found that the kayak will allow them access to areas that were previously out of their reach. 

Ohio now has 4 named water trails and more are being examined for inclusion to that list. There are also 14 named scenic rivers in Ohio. The county parks departments are looking at creating more access points to our rivers and streams, but it will take work from all of us to help maintain the access points and the cleanliness of our rivers. Please help us, by being part of the river cleanup day in your county. 


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